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Spring Valley Expected to Double in Value Over the Next Few Years

Spring Valley, a neighborhood in the 77055 zip code, is just north of Interstate 10 freeway, primarily between Loop 610 and Gessner, and it is composed of approximately 7500 households.  The Spring Valley area used to be the “happening place” in the sixties and seventies.  It had its own high school, Spring Branch High School, and it was a good neighborhood to raise a family.

Over the next twenty years as families moved further west, the high school closed and some of the area came into disrepair.  However, since the end of the recession in 2008, Spring Valley has roared back.  Builders are now tearing down older 60’s homes and building new construction homes that exceed one million dollars.  The lots are larger than most subdivisions (third of an acre) and the landscape is very mature with tall trees and shrubs.  The area is gentrifying and it has become very desirable to live there.  Estimates call for the values in Spring Valley to double in the next few years.  Now is a great time to ride this wave of expansion and growth.

Spring Valley is the perfect area to buy a large lot with an old home on it, tear it down and build a new 3500 to 4500 square foot home that meets all of your specs.  You can sign a deal with a quality builder, place a small down payment and control a large amount of growing equity for nine to twelve months as the home is being built.  In today’s market, the home will be appreciating and you will gain equity before you have to close on the home.  You can also buy a townhouse in the area in the same way, buying it preconstruction and building equity while it is being built.

If you would like some more information on homes or townhouses in Spring Valley to buy, sell or rent, please give me, Mike Burns a call and I will be happy to provide you with all of the information that you need to evaluate this opportunity.

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 2:09 pm by Mike Burns

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